Monday, December 1, 2008

Tough Day

Some days are just better than others. We are in the midst of planning a funeral for a dear saint at the church. It was a long battle, but the Lord finally called her home on Friday. Today my co-worker was on the phone off and on with her daughter and others from the church working out the details. Then my co-worker went with her husband to his endoscopy appointment where they learned that the mass in his esophagus that was discovered last week is probably malignant. Crummy deal! There are more tests to be done, but it looks like a long road ahead for them now. Her health isn't perfect either - well, whose is? Anyway, I am feeling a little down tonight. We are getting to an age where we will see more of our friends pass away. Not looking forward to that, thank you very much! Facing one's own mortality is never a pleasant thing, but does make you take stock of your life and evaluate whether you are where you want or should be. All part of the perfecting work of Jesus - making us fit for heaven and eternity! Save me a seat!

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mama griffith, said...

Thats rough. Its hard to see friends hurt and die, even when they know the lord. The only difference is we know after deth they are rejoicing and not suffering anymore. Personally I want to go in my sleep after a massive heart attack...;) considering my dads heart problems I may get my wish....hopfully not untill Im in my 90's! take care