Saturday, December 6, 2008

Closure of sorts

Today was the funeral for one of our dear saints of the church. It was a very traditional funeral with the casket (open!) and the whole nine yards. She had been ill for awhile and it was no surprise when it was time for her to go Home to Jesus! Everyone was all decked out in their finery. She was a real lady. The old fashioned kind who dressed to the nines every Sunday, heels and all no matter what! She was kind and funny and had such stories to tell! I will miss her a lot as she was an integral part of my Bible Study on Tuesdays. I always sort of dread these things, but it was well done and I what I could to help. The funeral home sent a couple of guys of course and they passed out the folders that I had made! My co-worker and I actually, and we had kind of wanted to do that - to greet people and all. Oh, well, there was plenty of other stuff to keep an eye on! I think having the body at the church, while rather morbid in my way of thinking, did help bring closure. Once she became ill enough to be in the hospital, she didn't really want visitors. She was very prideful of her appearance, which is a shame in that we didn't get to rally round and lend our support. So, after having her be gone for several months, it was hard to wrap our minds around the fact that she was really dead! All in all, it was a good experience and I know she is rejoicing in Heaven with all the saints!

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