Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread House

On a cheerier note, here is the gingerbread house that Trish, Hannah and I built in November! We had a decorating party at church - Extreme Gingerbread House Makeover - and it was a blast! The organizer (who was a week from delivering her second baby!) had recipes and templates available for several weeks ahead. Trish and I made our own gingerbread and had to sample it in cookie form - quality control you know! It went together pretty well and I still have it sitting on the table. I really should throw it away! I have a train kit that I could put together now! Having raised boys, it was such a treat to have that time with my daughter in law and granddaughter!

Cloves in the side wall.The back patio! The windows are made from crushed lifesavers and Jolly Ranchers! You sprinkle them in the openings when the gingerbread is almost done and let it cook for just a few minutes to melt. Pretty cool, huh?

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