Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Times

We had a great Christmas with our family - John & Trish, John Jr. & Hannah, Brian and Trish's brother's dad, Jay. We are known for our unorthodox approach to holidays, so we made our own pizzas! Yummmmmmy! The kids, who are 3 and 15 mo. had a great time and got some fun stuff. The hit of the day was the drum set for little John! He would just get such a determinded set to his mouth and wail away! Hannah got a bike and rode it around the house! Too much snow and too cold to do it outside! Instead of buying gifts for each of the adults, we each just bring one "nice" gift and do a white elephant exchange later in the day while the kids either play with their new things or watch us! We talked to the other grandkids and heard all about their fun day, too! The oldest is 13 and she got a snowboard and an MP3 player. She is going to have a lot of fun this winter!

I got chilled feeling as the day went on and woke up feeling like I am coming down with a cold. No fair! I'm glad I can just take it easy for a few days. Saturday we are going up to see great-grandma Cora in Lynnwood. They had so much snow that nobody could go get her for Christmas, so we are all going up there to celebrate a few days late. I hope I'm not yucky or I may have to stay home.

All in all, we had a really nice Christmas, very merry and filled with joy!

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