Sunday, November 30, 2008


I can't believe it is Sunday night already! It has been a good time off, though and the week ahead is going to be very busy! We have a funeral to prepare for on Saturday at the church, so you know that will take a pretty big chunk of time!

I have felt less than stellar today and it has been awhile since I have felt yucky! Going to bed here soon sounds really, really good!

Hannah and Johnny were over with their daddy this afternoon while their mama got caught up on some house cleaning. I remember not being able to get a thing done with little ones under foot! Tomorrow I am going over there to paint. It is girl's craft night and evidently we are painting - oh, boy!

Little John is doing much better with his cast. He doesn't seem to be in so much pain and can now stand up so it won't be long and he will be getting around in record time! He called me "grandma" for the first time today! Does a granny's heart good!

Well, I think I really will close this up and head on off to dreamland! Another busy day tomorrow!


Riva said...

Mary Jo! I found your blog through Rolana's. I'll be able to keep up with your family now! Wow! That picture of Brian, he looks just like his dad. Say hi to him for me. I love you all!

mama griffith, said...

haha, small worldwide web! I forgott that riva knew you guys..