Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Health & Wellness

Well, the long awaited day for Bill to get the stent out has arrived! Out it came and hopefully he will start to feel better soon. To catch you up to speed, he had some minor surgery a few weeks ago to blast kidney stones in his bladder and ureter. After that a stent was inserted that went from the bladder to the kidney. It has caused some nasty pain and he has needed more than Advil from time to time. We saw the urologist today and he was pleased and removed the stent. Office procedure and Bill said it wasn't really painful, just a weird sensation. He started hurting though a little later, so off to bed early. Again. I'm not sure how I ended up the night owl and him the lark, but the roles have been reversed! Anyway, he should be feeling better soon and that can only be a good thing! We are both ready!

(See what happens when you reach a "certain age"? You start to compare notes on your health. Yuck!)

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mama griffith, said...

yeah, I have to remind my parents not to talk about health conditions too much...shows thier age! haha. glad to hear bill is feeling better. I love your gingerbread house. we made one too and this year I was able to cook the walls strait enough the house standa up!