Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas picture

I have not bought Christmas cards yet and thought about sending photo cards. I thought maybe since we were all dressed up yesterday for the funeral that perhaps that would be a good time. The tree is up and it would have made a good back drop at church. Nope. Then maybe today after church? Nope. So I just set the camera on the edge of the sofa and here we are! I bought a cute Hallmark card that you put a picture in and record a greeting and then it sings Jingle Bells! Too cute - I thought we could send it to the North Carolina grandkids. It is hardly professional!

But there we are!

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mama griffith, said...

love the pic. we still have to get ours done....we cant seem to get everyone together at once though. I didnt know If you knew, dads real sick. His heart is having alot of trouble. He is going in sometime this week or next to have it shocked back into rythm. He doesent admit it but he looks like death warmed over. we are all concerned. They just hired an accociate pastor and we hope it helps ease the stress. Ill send you a card in the mail sometime by june with a fam pic....