Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cards

I love getting Christmas cards! This year I have had the hardest time getting my act together, but I enjoy receiving updates on others! There are some that we exchange cards once a year but don't have contact any other time of the year, those whom we are frequently in contact with, and then there are the ones that come back. Those can be good - someone has moved and now, thankfully, we have their new address. Then there are those that you have no idea what happened. Did they die? Move away and not want to be found? This year I got one back from someone we knew when we lived in Klamath Falls and thankfully the new address was on the yellow sticker when it came back! Rejoicing! They actually live closer now and that was a happy thing! Then I got one back from my biological aunt in Seattle. No forwarding address, which tells me she moved some time ago. Or died. Or is in assisted living. That makes me feel badly that we didn't see her more often. I still hope to get word about her. So, Christmas cards are something I cherish about this season! Merry Christmas!

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Mama Mary's Musings said...

Follow up on the aunt - she is fine. I had just left off "Ave" on the address! Did I think to even call? Silly girl!