Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of old houses and even older plumbing

Our old house is charming - most of the time. However, I do not find plumbing issues charming. At all. Ever. Especially not on Saturday night!! We have had this problem before, which is probably even more frustrating. The line between the house and the street is plugged and will require a "snake" to clear it. So, quick showers and a change in plans for tomorrow and we'll be back in business. It seems that when one thing goes wrong, they all start to deteriorate. What, do they talk to each other somehow? Hey, electricity, why don't you do something that will really confound them? Deck, you could rot a little more and then they would have to replace you for sure. Roof, are you paying attention? Oh, you were replaced just this past summer? Then why are you leaking? I see. It's a plot! I'll be at the Marriott if you need me. (Just kidding!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

No More Snow!

I don't suppose it will do any good, but I would just like to voice my objection to the forecast of more snow! I know I'm whining, but I am tired of the cold and am ready for a little more sunshine and warmth! Doesn't have to be hot - just a little more above freezing! (Lord, I know I'm not supposed to grumble, but.....)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here we see some of our granddaughter Hannah's art work. She loves to draw and has stories for just about everything she draws. She will be four in June. These are snails. Don't they look happy?!

Now, this one cracks me up! We have the mama snail in the middle, the baby sister (she has a baby brother) on the right, and the big sister (herself!) is on the left. Notice she has an "H" for Hannah on it!

(I'm trying to make a file of her art work. My printer was not happy yesterday or I would have scanned them instead of taking pictures.)

Cora's new home!

Here are a few pictures of the new place that my mother-in-law has just moved into. It is really nice! You wouldn't know she just moved in! We feel so much better knowing she is getting meals and socializing with others. She is even interested in the movies that they show every day! She will just thrive there!
She was a little dismayed that the kitchen was so small, but is figuring out that she really doesn't need to cook! But after over 70 years of cooking, I'm thinking that might be hard to even take in all at once!! Bill made lunch in the kitchen, and it was pretty hard to find room to do anything! Thankfully she will only be making lunch and snacks for herself!

My own blankie!

I love to make fleece blankets as gifts, especially baby blankets, but I finally made one for ME!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All in!

Whew! We are truly all in - both as in moved in Mom and as in weary! It was quite the day yesterday getting her moved into her new home. She was mostly packed but hadn't really addressed the food issue in the kitchen yet. I think she thought she would just sort out the food when we got there and divvy it up. No time! So it all went to the new place and she sent home one big box home with the kids, but I suspect there will be more. I don't think she truly appreciates the fact yet that she won't be cooking! The kitchen is very tiny and there is room for a small microwave and her toaster oven on the counter. It will be an adjustment, but she will do fine. Her spirit is indominatable! She had planned well. There were just a few things that wouldn't fit like she thought they might and she was glad to foist them off on the grandsons! She knew her things were going to a good home!

So, we are playing hookey from church and sleeping and resting and probably won't leave the house today unless to forage for food! Works for me! We both have tomorrow off so will go back up and help put up pictures and see if we can't get rid of the rest of the boxes. OK, I'm off to sip a cup of tea and read for awhile!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its the Big Bye-bye!

Tomorrow we move my mother in law (94 next month) to an assisted living facility. She knows it is time, and that is huge! Her sight is failing due to macular degeneration and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to cook and do other things that require much reading. The place is lovely and we think she will be very happy there. She is moving much closer to all of us and we are pleased about that! She is just over an hour away now, but traffic makes it a real headache to get there. Two meals a day will be provided, so we know she will eat well and the fact that she will have people to chat with over a meal is a good thing. Her hearing isn't very good, but then I'm sure a lot of the resident's hearing isn't either!

She is an amazing woman! She is the most organized person I have ever know, I think! She called last night (on her cell phone!)and let us know that all is ready! Some ladies came from her church and helped pack her up. There are 18 boxes out in the hall waiting to go!

It will be really neat to have the family move her, I think. My brother in law and his wife and our two sons will all be there. She is giving some of her furniture to the kids and a lot of the kitchen items that she will no longer need.

This promises to be a really positive experience. I'll let you know, and I may even get some pictures!

Oh, when we moved once when the kids were young, we teased the dog by saying "It's the big bye-bye!" She knew something was up and when we said that, she would run to the door and get all excited!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Happy News!

Little John got his cast off! Hooray! When it was taken off yesterday and he couldn't put weight on it, the doc in the box (actually a PAC) said he thought maybe it wasn't healed right yet and send them to an orthopedic doc at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital today. Well, it turns out that it is not at all unusual for little ones to not want to put weight on a leg that has been broken and sometimes it takes a week or so for them to gain the courage. She showed Trish the X-rays and reassured her that it is healed just fine, thanks! They recasted it yesterday, so it had to come off again today and I guess he wasn't very happy about that! He stood on it almost right away and when she got back here, he was walking on it - stiff legged and holding on to things, but he'll be running on it in no time and this will all have been just a very bad experience!! Whew!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Verdict is In

Well, after much nagging by family and friends, I went in to see about this "crud" I have. It really is just the "crud" that is going around and it just hangs on and on! So, that's good news I guess! Got reminded of the usual methods of symptoms relief - warm liquids, rest, etc. It was a pretty good use of $20 in the long run! With asthma, I can't be too careful. On to better health!!

Speaking of health, our little 16 month old grandson's broken leg is not healing as quickly as it should. He sees a specialist tomorrow at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. We could use a little prayer on his behalf! Thanks!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mind over Matter

Yeah, right. Remember that cold I had a few weeks ago that has been just hanging on? I have been adamant that it would not develop into anything really cruddy. I went out this afternoon to run a few errands and was pretty much convinced otherwise! Now here's where the denial comes in. It is just allergies brought on by all the moisture in the basement! There we go! Actually I am not running a fever, but I don't sound so very healthy. Bother! I suppose I will have to break down and go get it checked out on Monday. I've had pneumonia before and didn't know it. So, I'm praying that I will have wisdom to know when it is time to give this "thing" a Z-pack! That is sounding better all the time, actually! Rats!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weather Girl

When I was in about 6th grade, I was fascinated by the weather and thought perhaps I might want to be a meteorologist when I grew up! I have always been interested, even though math and science weren't my strong suits as I got older. Well, I have also wanted some sort of barometer/weather tracking device for quite a long time. The weather this winter has been wild to say the least and with a little Christmas money I splurged and got a wireless set up! Ta da! I now have weather data right there on the wall - temp, barometric pressure, humidity indoors and outside/inside temps, etc. Very cool! Funny what rows one's boat (little weather joke there - groan!)!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Row, row, row your boat!

Wow! We haven't had rain like this in a few years! We put a new roof on this summer and are so thankful for that! However, we were awakened about midnight with drop, blop, drip - you guessed it! A leak - no make that 2 leaks in our bedroom! Bill took a tour around the house and found a minor leak around the chimney upstairs! Yikes! Looks like there will be a little repair work going on when (if?!) it dries out! I love a rainy night, but....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still Stuffy

Unbelievable! I am still stuffed up! I took decongestants on Wednesday and Thursday and felt better. If I get through this cold without complications it will be a miracle! Really puts a crimp in my plans, but I know all this rest is good for me. I'm getting cabin fever, though!

Speaking of unbelievable, how did it get to be 2009?! Seems like we were just fretting about Y2K!

Happy New Year!