Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Angel

We had a "wing it" sort of church service this morning. We had planned to have a light breakfast and sing carols, etc. Well, the storm put a crimp in that plan! There was food already there and about 70 people showed up, which was quite surprising! We had a great time of singing and will do the better planned event next week!

Here are pictures of the snow angel that the pastor's wife and another lady (both my age!) made out on the church lawn! I told them it wasn't theologically correct, but they didn't even care! What can you do!? As you can tell, she has a brooch and some other "bling" for facial features. We figured the askew halo was pretty appropriate, though!

We had a thin sheet of ice on top of the snow and that made for great wings!

1 comment:

mama griffith, said...

wow, fantastic! very impressive snow art if i say so myself.