Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few More Snowy Pics

This is our car and the entrance to our house! It was really coming down and we had fun walking in the snow and watching the crazy kids sledding down the hill by us.

To the right is the potting shed in the back yard. We sure have had the snow this year already!
Who knows if we will be able to make it to John's house for Christmas or not! More snow is predicted for tonight, although not as much as before. John, however, lives at 600 feet and more is predicted for above 500 feet!
Well, we'll see! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve already! Hooray! Happy Birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas everyone!


mama griffith, said...

haha, crazy snow! we even got blasted. Last night I kept hearing things and couldnt figure out what it was untill I realized it was the snow sliding off the roof! haha silly me its been too long.

Mama Mary's Musings said...

Yeah, you forget, don't you? At least we know how to drive in the crazy stuff, unlike most people around here!