Tuesday, December 9, 2008

God blesses abundantly!

Well, our youngest son left his truck in Colorado. Not at all like leaving your heart in San Francisco, but leave it he did! It had become less than reliable and he was afraid it would break down on him out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a blizzard! (He drives - make that drove - long haul out of Colorado). It finally started giving him the truck death rattle and he decided that was it! He parked it at a friend's house who works on trucks, got his Durango packed up and headed home! He got home yesterday and has a new job starting tomorrow! He had applied at a trucking firm in Kent when they first moved up here last month and thought he had an owner operator job lined up, but when he called to check on it, they were laying people off, so no job. Rats and mice! They called him yesterday and wanted to know if he was still interested? Well, he didn't have a truck anymore and would need to be a driver for someone else. They "just happened" to have a spot open and he starts tomorrow!! This has benefits which they certainly need with kids!

Then, in the It Never Rains But it Pours department, Trish has also gotten herself a job. Unfortunately, it will be the same hours as his job and the day care center she looked into charges $1200 a month. Yikes! So one of them needs an evening shift. I can help on Fridays, but that's it for now! I wish she didn't have to work at all, but they have a load of debt they need to pay down. It will all work out. I plan to make a few calls and see if anyone I know has any info on childcare that would be a little less expensive.

So, we are very relieved that John has work and Trish has until the 18th to figure out child care. Life is never dull, is it?! God is good!

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mama griffith, said...

wow childcare is so crazy expensive....maby I need to open a day care, because there is no way I could afford to work!