Monday, March 2, 2009

National MS Week

As some of you know, I have MS - multiple sclerosis. Thank the Lord I don't have very visible symptoms and it doesn't affect me much at all. This week is dedicated to that cause. Check out the website:


mama griffith, said...

didnt even know you had fun. I love the fleece pullover by the way! my newest love is knitting. My kids dont coaperate when it comes to projsect pictures involving them :)

Mama Mary's Musings said...

I have what they call silent symptoms. I haven't had a full blown attack since 1983 which involved problems speaking, so I am really fortunate. I have some mild numbness in fingers and toes from time to time, but that's about it. There are SO many who suffer greatly from MS.
Yeah, you gotta sneak up on kids when you want them to cooperate for pictures! Maybe I'll just take a pic of the next pullover without someone in it! I've got it cut out - real progress!!