Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary and a Half!

I have an amazing husband! He is romantic in a totally unique way! No roses and bling for me on birthdays or anniversaries! He springs amazing events on me without warning! This past week was a perfect example! On Wednesday he was frantically writing something and a few minutes later presented me with a necklace size jewelry box. In it was the note he had just written and a necklace. Well, it wasn't diamonds; it was a 50 cent piece with a quarter of it cut out! Here is the note:
Well, isn't this just a strange little thing.
Maybe a necklace, sure not a ring-
Kind of a Pac-Man. Sort of a wreck -
You expect me to wear that around my neck?

More importantly, what's the event?
I never get just random presents-
OK, it's a puzzle. I'll figure it out.
(It'll come to you - I have no doubt.)

Something to do with goin' to the beach
The surgery? the church? the house? the "teach"?
Well, yeah, but there's more to it.
When the numbers connect, you'll see right thru it.

Love you,

Several months ago he told me he had the opportunity to leave work early on a
Friday and to think of something to do and somewhere to go on that week-end. We
talked about it a few weeks ago and I decided I wanted to go the beach. Friday was our son's birthday and I felt rather badly about leaving, but unbeknownst to me, he and the rest of the family were all well aware of this whole thing!

Oh, the chunk out of the necklace? What is 3/4 of 50? 37 1/2. What would March 11 be? Thirty seven and a half years since we got married! Our 30th anniversary was September 11th and he has made sure that since then we have celebrated our anniversary in a different way! Pretty cool!

So, here are a few pictures of the place we stayed. We had a really relaxing time - wind and rain and all!

A copper sink in the bathroom - very cool!

The little built in vanity was the perfect place to set up my lap top! We fixed our own breakfast both days and enjoyed the local cuisine the rest of the time!

Who knows what that man will do next?!

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mama griffith, said...

wow so special!! what a great guy!