Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weather Girl

When I was in about 6th grade, I was fascinated by the weather and thought perhaps I might want to be a meteorologist when I grew up! I have always been interested, even though math and science weren't my strong suits as I got older. Well, I have also wanted some sort of barometer/weather tracking device for quite a long time. The weather this winter has been wild to say the least and with a little Christmas money I splurged and got a wireless set up! Ta da! I now have weather data right there on the wall - temp, barometric pressure, humidity indoors and outside/inside temps, etc. Very cool! Funny what rows one's boat (little weather joke there - groan!)!!

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mama griffith, said...

I think I have seen enough rain this year to last me a lifetime!! I hope you are staying dry I hear its a real mess up your way!