Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of old houses and even older plumbing

Our old house is charming - most of the time. However, I do not find plumbing issues charming. At all. Ever. Especially not on Saturday night!! We have had this problem before, which is probably even more frustrating. The line between the house and the street is plugged and will require a "snake" to clear it. So, quick showers and a change in plans for tomorrow and we'll be back in business. It seems that when one thing goes wrong, they all start to deteriorate. What, do they talk to each other somehow? Hey, electricity, why don't you do something that will really confound them? Deck, you could rot a little more and then they would have to replace you for sure. Roof, are you paying attention? Oh, you were replaced just this past summer? Then why are you leaking? I see. It's a plot! I'll be at the Marriott if you need me. (Just kidding!)

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