Friday, January 16, 2009

Its the Big Bye-bye!

Tomorrow we move my mother in law (94 next month) to an assisted living facility. She knows it is time, and that is huge! Her sight is failing due to macular degeneration and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to cook and do other things that require much reading. The place is lovely and we think she will be very happy there. She is moving much closer to all of us and we are pleased about that! She is just over an hour away now, but traffic makes it a real headache to get there. Two meals a day will be provided, so we know she will eat well and the fact that she will have people to chat with over a meal is a good thing. Her hearing isn't very good, but then I'm sure a lot of the resident's hearing isn't either!

She is an amazing woman! She is the most organized person I have ever know, I think! She called last night (on her cell phone!)and let us know that all is ready! Some ladies came from her church and helped pack her up. There are 18 boxes out in the hall waiting to go!

It will be really neat to have the family move her, I think. My brother in law and his wife and our two sons will all be there. She is giving some of her furniture to the kids and a lot of the kitchen items that she will no longer need.

This promises to be a really positive experience. I'll let you know, and I may even get some pictures!

Oh, when we moved once when the kids were young, we teased the dog by saying "It's the big bye-bye!" She knew something was up and when we said that, she would run to the door and get all excited!

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mama griffith, said...

wow, hope everything works out well!