Saturday, November 29, 2008

Catching Up

I so do not want to be doing housework and laundry, but somehow it all needs to get done - again! Even with only two of us, we generate plenty of trash, dirty clothes and junk! I did get a few things accomplished, though and while I have not braved the malls yet, I did go to Costco - brave of me, don't you think? Anyway, lots to do and sewing projects besides! Catch you later!


mama griffith, said...

ha! its addictive I warn you, some days I check more than once to see if my blog has had a hit! hahaha. Im glad you started a blog. It helps me keep up with friends I dont get to see in the flesh that often and it sure beats mailing pics to everyone, I think of it as my christmas news letter all year long.

Mama Mary's Musings said...

Now I just need people to come read it! In time! I can see how it would become addictive! Yikes!