Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seasons of sadness and yet...

We all go through seasons of plenty and seasons of drought in our lives. Sometimes it is physical, sometimes emotional and sometimes spiritual. Our church family is experiencing a season of sadness and we know God has a plan and walks with us, but it can be so hard! A few situations:

A great 101 year old saint has gone to glory - that is actually a praise! She was a faithful servant!

Three men in their 70's have cancer - leukemia, lung and esophagus. All experiencing side effects from their treatments and all deep in the valley of ill health. One may be cured if surgery is successful, one may have about a year and a half, and other may go into remission. May. Might. It is all SO uncertain and SO hard on the families.

A young man not yet 40 who has a very rare form of cancer that will surely claim him in just weeks now. Leaves a wife and small son. Their faith is astounding.

A man has been in a motorcyle accident and thankfully only has some broken bones! It could have been so much worse!

Several have had bouts of melanoma. Others have family members with cancer or other serious diseases - a child as well.

The list seems to go on and on, and then on a little longer! I know I am weary from the emotional pain. I can't imagine how the pastor is holding up! He was ill Friday and Saturday.

If nothing else, these things point out how fragile our earthly tents are as they withstand the harsh storms of life. People are pouring themselves into others - crying, listening, hugging and doing what they can to help ease the suffering.

God is still there. He hasn't moved. He knows. He cares. He sustains and nourishes the soul. We still feel the effects of this fallen world and sometimes it seems so unfair, yet God is God and we are not! Yet we put one foot in front of the other. Yet we pray, we cry, we wonder what or who is next! Yet....God is faithful. All we can do is just cling. Not be afraid - just trust. Just trust. Just trust...and pray!

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