Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Dynamic Duo We Ain't

Thursday morning saw me at my doctor's office for this cough that just won't go away. Back on an antibiotic since I so recently had pneumonia. Don't want to go there again!

Thursday evening saw us at the Emergency Department! Not for me - for Bill!! He had what he thought might be kidney stones and was in quite some pain and was running a fever. Not good! Well, the end result was not kidneys stones, but diverticulitis! So, liquid diet, pain killers, antibiotics and rest are the prescription. He needs to follow-up with his primary care early this week.

You know, this togetherness thing is wearing old. When he had his surgery in February, I ended up with pneumonia! Now, here we are again! Also, I was sick right around my birthday, and Bill was sick the day after his birthday, too! OK, enough already!

The good news is that we both feel better today and Bill can start on some bland solids tomorrow! This getting old stuff truly is not for sissies!!

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