Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reflections of a summer almost past

I know I have posted more recently, but don't know where they have gone! So, I'll start over. A friend just started blogging and I thought maybe that would inspire me to do so again myself. Now, of course, I can't think of anything to say!

Summer! What a wonderful time of year! Kids are out of school, the weather is usually perfect and it is a time of getting together and renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. Seeing grandchildren is a highlight of my summer. Two come from another state and are able to be here for 6 weeks or so. We have had so much fun with them this year. Swimming, bowling, putt putt golf, etc., etc.  Fourth of July was a real highlight, being at a lovely place with a view of the water.

Hubby and I took a week long vacation, staying with friends and exploring parts of the U.S. we hadn't seen before.

There is a lot to be thankful for this year. We have been blessed beyond measure. Seeing God's creation and the variety of landscapes just makes your jaw drop!

Well, this hasn't been particularly edifying, but it is a start!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Catching Up....again!

So, I'm not exactly a frequent blogger, am I?! My, how time flies! Thankfully there is not a whole lot of news of any huge consequence! Well, aside from John's accident in June. Yeah, that was pretty major.

On June 1st I got a call from a paramedic saying that John had been in a work related accident - he was OK - but had a seriously injured arm. Off I flew to Overlake Hospital in Bellevue which was the closest to where he was injured. Long story short, he fell from the back of the box truck he drives for work. About 5 feet. Onto concrete. On his arm. Elbow exploded. June 6 he had surgery to repair what could be repaired. The surgeon was great and I'm really glad I didn't see the "before" pictures until after surgery! He put him back together with baling wire and chewing gum, I swear! Plastic, metal, etc.! He has undergone a lot of physical therapy and after a skin graft about a month ago, is finally out of bandages and braces! He will never be able to lift anything heavy again, and may not even return to light duty til after the first of the year. You may be wondering how he fell off? He is not entirely sure himself, except that it was raining and he was manuevering the electric pallet jack with an empty pallet on it when it slipped, knocking him and the pallet jack off the back. The jack evidently hit him, but thank God it didn't land on top of him! He thinks he probably jerked himself away. Also, someone saw it from a restaurant window and went out to check on him and called 911.

Actually, it was a blessing in disguise as he had his two children with him for 7 weeks this summer and was able to be with them! Not the way he had planned it of course, but.....

We enjoyed having the grandkids around and every Friday night we had a sleep-over here! What fun! Hannah was 6 in June and Johnny turned 4 about a month ago.

The most fun we had all summer was going on an Alaska cruise! Our 40th anniversary is September 11 and we have never done anything really big to celebrate. It was time! We took a 7 day cruise out of Seattle and were wowed by the glacier we saw. Unfortunately, it was socked in the day we would have gone to the Mendenhall glacier and we didn't see it, but the Tracy Arm one was fabulous!

Brian bought a house in Algona, and after nearly 10 months of the bank dragging their feet, he finally closed!  He and Bill still have their "hot rod" night once a week, although his work schedule didn't work out so well for awhile. That has changed and once Brian fixes up his garage, their time will be spent there for the most part.

Well, that's about enough catch up for now!  I won't promise another post before six months, and even thought about deleting this, but for now, I'll post when I think of it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

MS Walk

I haven't posted since November? Really?!  Well, last year was not exactly the best year in my life, but so far, 2011 is shaping up to be pretty good! It is early on, but....

I am very excited about the MS Walk this year because I am participating in it! Yes, not only did I sign up, but I am the team captain of Team Olympic View!! The walk is Saturday, April 2 at 9:30 a.m.  I have reached my own personal fundraising goal as well as the team goal. It is such a worthy cause and one I am all too familiar with.

I am compelled to walk this year because on April 1 of last year, I couldn't walk without assistance, being in the throes of a very serious MS exacerbation - the first in almost 30 years. Thank God I am back to being "me" and having now experienced first hand the terrible consequences of the disease, I really NEED to walk this year!

Here is a link that will take you to the MS Walk site. Check it out!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is 2010 over yet?

This has been quite a year. I am quite ready to see it go. Now. My Christmas letter may be something along these lines: "You know how some years are just better than others? Well, 2010 was not on our top 10 list! See you next year!"

If I listed everything that has happened this year, especially with our health, you would probably think I made it all up!

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Job. In fact, I lead a study in Job last fall with the ladies at church. Everyone always says "patience of Job". Well, I didn't find Job to be particularly patient! He was persistent and stayed faithful. God was the patient one! It helps to remember that my God has not forsaken me, is not torturing me or causing grief and pain. It helps to remember that God is God and I am not! Staying faithful through the trials this past year hasn't always been easy to be absolutely truthful! Yet, what are my options? Where can I go and be away from Him? Psalm 139 points that out nicely! Oh, to see His purpose. On the other hand, maybe not so much!! I think that is counter intuitive to faith!

Anyway, it has been our turn in the bottom of the barrel. Guess what? God is there in the bottom of the barrel with us! There are no guarantees that 2011 will be better; it might be worse! But to know that my God cares and won't ever forsake me makes it OK!

My own personal theological pet peeve: How many times do you hear people ask what God is trying to teach them through a trial and have they learned it yet so they can just get on with life?! Ummm, I don't think God allows trials just to teach us a lesson. That seems a little punitive to me. Do we learn things from trials and tribulations? Absolutely! We can learn patience, compassion and empathy for others, find inner strength we didn't know we had, learn we can't do it all after all, learn that lots of people prayed for you, etc., etc., etc.  Yes, God allows trials, but, but, but...for me to try to figure out God's mind and His reasons just seems presumptuous to me. Again, this is just my rant! I can't quote a bazillion verses to support it, but there you go.

OK, just a brief update on my latest trial. I have had a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) for months and months. I've been going to PT for many months and had pretty much hit a wall. So, I went in last Monday and they put me under anesthesia and manually moved my arm in the socket to break up adhesions and hopefully gain some mobility. Painful? Oh, yeah! Back to heavy duty PT to keep it moving. Still hurts and will hurt for awhile! *sigh* The end result will be worth it.

I'll try to post some pictures one of these days. It has been so long since I even posted! Again. Take care of yourselves!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to work!

I returned to work today and it felt great! I only work 20 hours a week, so will only get about 10 hours in total, but that is fine for a start. I think I actually accomplished something! We'll see if my stamina lasts now! I did take a two hour nap today after I got home. I may need to do that for awhile, I am guessing. But I am finally feeling more "me" and not so much a deer in the headlights! Thank you for your prayers! God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Beast has been stalking me for years,
     waiting, waiting, poking and testing from time to time.

The Beast never sleeps; is always waiting
     to pounce, stealthily following me everywhere.

The Beast became impatient, toying with me
   yet not revealing itself....yet.

The Beast, tired of teasing, pounced!
     just when I thought myself safe.

The Beast unleashed its fury,
     doing as much damage as possible.

The Beast watched as I struggled
     to see, to walk, to understand.

The Beast had to be tamed, made to go away
     and only the strongest weapon would do.

The Beast retreated, slowly at first
     but retreated none the less.

The Beast doesn't know that I cannot be defeated
     by its attacks. I am not afraid of this Beast.

This Beast whose name is...
     Multiple Sclerosis.

copyright 2010
all rights reserved

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun, fun week-end

Four other couples and Bill and I went to Richland, WA (eastern side of the state) for a car show over the week-end. I was a little concerned about my own stamina in the heat. I was careful to stay in the shade, took naps when I needed and even went to bed early, and did not play board games! Shocking! We had a great time of fellowship, stayed in a nice motel by the Columbia and just plain relaxed! It was a much needed get away! We do this annually and will hit Wenatchee next year!

Still no real changes in my health. Some days are better than others. My right eye is still a little twitchy - moves left better than right. I am still a little wobbly and use my cane when out and about just in case. I have a disabled placard now and that really helps as I have started to drive a short ways. That has done wonders psychologically! Fatigue is still a bug a boo, and my short term memory and the ability to multi-task are directly affected by the fatigue. So, that's the update as we come up on the third month on July 1. I never would have guessed it would take this long. I don't see the neurologist until August 2 so we will see what happens next. It is certainly not in my hands!