Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reflections of a summer almost past

I know I have posted more recently, but don't know where they have gone! So, I'll start over. A friend just started blogging and I thought maybe that would inspire me to do so again myself. Now, of course, I can't think of anything to say!

Summer! What a wonderful time of year! Kids are out of school, the weather is usually perfect and it is a time of getting together and renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. Seeing grandchildren is a highlight of my summer. Two come from another state and are able to be here for 6 weeks or so. We have had so much fun with them this year. Swimming, bowling, putt putt golf, etc., etc.  Fourth of July was a real highlight, being at a lovely place with a view of the water.

Hubby and I took a week long vacation, staying with friends and exploring parts of the U.S. we hadn't seen before.

There is a lot to be thankful for this year. We have been blessed beyond measure. Seeing God's creation and the variety of landscapes just makes your jaw drop!

Well, this hasn't been particularly edifying, but it is a start!

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ORRdinary Me said...

Glad you were re-inspired by your friend. Everyone has a story. Sometimes it's the most simple of them that can mean the most to someone. Getting things down on "post"...helps me bring my thoughts into focus so I can better understand what I'm really thinking about something. Then I can choose my response in, perhaps, a more constructive way. If someone else can be encouraged by it, too, then all the better. Hope to hear more from you. I'll check back. :)