Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jury Duty

Yes, it has caught up with me - my first time on Jury Duty! Today was the first mind numbing day! Actually I am glad I am doing this for the experience it affords. And the great people watching! I've never had much dealing with courts and that whole process, so this is all new to me! I'm glad I brought a book, as I spent much of the day buried in it! We did have some excitement, though! There was a fire drill! A thousand people exiting the building with fire trucks screaming through the streets! Garnered us a nice, long lunch hour! The pastor's wife is also on Jury Duty these two weeks and we were able to spend some time together and even have lunch! I'm surprised at how exhausted I am, though! I finally got assigned to a court only to be told to come back tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.!! One day down, and counting! Somehow I'll have to find some time to go to the church and crank out a bulletin! One day at a time, though, one day at a time!


mama griffith, said...

yeah, I have never been on jury duty either. Hope you find it interesting!

Cara said...

Don't you love it? I love when they keep calling you back and it takes DAYS to pick the jury. Then I was an alternate and I couldn't even decide the guy's fate after listening to the arguments for a week. Oh well...they'll get me again soon. I go almost every year, except when I've had kids. Have fun - quiet reading time is nice.

Granny Jo said...

I ended up there 3 days the first week and got up to a court room at least! I was 29 out of 30 and they got everyone they needed by 27! Oh, well, I was really needed at work the next week, so the Lord knew! I did get a bunch of reading done, though!